Future of Project Management

How ICT Has Changed Future of Project Management?

Technology has made a lot of tasks easier in daily life that’s for sure. But how has ICT changed the future of project management? ICT has changed the future of project management in every way. Advancements in software, hardware, and communication technology have altered project management. This trend is expected to continue in the future as well. New technologies have raised the expectations of consumers and senior managers. ICT made project managers achieve more in less time than before. ICT is also expected to transform easier collaboration into accurate reporting. Here is how ICT will change the future of project management;

Improved Ways of Communication

According to most project managers, communication is the primary part of project management. It is not a surprise that technology has changed the ways of communication. The most important use of information technology is ensuring communication among team members. Communication between stakeholders, team members, and managers have been completely altered after the advent of ICT. It is expected that ICT will improve project management in the future. This is because it will ensure such aspects even more through improved communication. A few years ago, the email came into common use by project managers. It took the place of faxes, interoffice memos, voice messages, and other least reliable sources of communication. Future tools of social collaboration will also replace email.

A few decades ago when email first came into common use, project managers made evident use of it. They used it for replacing interoffice memos, faxes, voice messages, and other less-reliable communication means. Project managers will use the latest, and most innovative technologies to share information and documents with their teams.

Efficiency in the Cloud

As a concept, the software of ICT is not new. In the past, solutions to project management were expensive. This is because it required too much labour. Even large organisations were bound to use this software. But now revolutions have taken their place in the industry of project management. For companies of all sizes, software such as that of Clarizen are accessible. These ICTs are expected to become more advanced in the future. This is because they’ll shape the future of project management, and make it more cost-effective. It will make project management easier to use as well. It will also allow for mobile access and enable interoperability in a way that PM solutions can’t match.

Real-Time Reporting

In the past, it took days and sometimes weeks for project managers to update information. It took a lot of time to gather information from the stakeholders too. Extra time was also utilised in updating the project plan correspondingly. Distribution of the news reports, and Gantt charts to members of the team was another hassle. Now thanks to project management based on ICT, you can check the status of a project with ease. In the future, project managers will be able to update project documentation. They will also be able to alert their teams regarding any problems in no time.

Decentralised Project Teams

In the past, the project manager could not deliver information and communication without meeting face to face. Thanks to advancements in ICT, project managers can form project teams.  They can make teams with employees and contractors located in multiple cities, time zones, countries, as well as continents. This will transform the future of project management for the better. You will be able to align between project requirements and available resources as well through the advent of ICT. But most importantly, it reduces the speed at which teams can communicate, and transfer information.

Social Collaboration

These advances due to ICT have not occurred overnight. The use of online collaboration tools will alter the way project managers communicate with their teams. It has already changed the ways of project management, no matter if the project is tech-based or on writing descriptive essays. And it is expected to transform the future of project management even more. Due to ICT, project managers will complete their tasks and communicate in less time as well. Organisations are now adopting ICT, which has made project management both faster, and easier.

We have listed here some of the best tools that you can use for project management;

  • Trello: It comes with a basic free subscription that you can upgrade as per your needs. Trello is the best project management and collaboration tool.
  • ProofHub: It provides a centralised system to share documents and tasks with team members and check the daily progress. It further provides the option to export the workflow as chart.
  • The Academic Papers UK: With The Academic Papers UK, you can get dissertation writing help for your dissertation project. You can check and trace the daily work progress done by your writer.

ICT will drastically change the future of project management. Its introduction in PM will change the ways of communication, and completion time too.

Free Decentralize Storage1

Free Decentralize Storage – How It Works?

What is Free Decentralize Storage?

When we have to store the data, there come two options in our minds. First of all, we can store the data by using physical media. Anyhow, physical media is providing small file storage. Secondly, we can use centralized cloud storage to store the data. It means that we can store the data on the central cloud that doesn’t belong to us. Anyhow, it is not the safest way to store the data. Now, we can also store the data by using free decentralize storage. By using this method, we can easily store the data on the decentralized network in different locations. By using this decentralized network, we can easily store the data and ensure the accessibility of the data. Instead of a single company, different people have hosted these servers. You can freely join this network and ensure the security of the data by using smart contracts.


Benefits of Storing Data on Free Decentralize Storage

With the advent of free decentralize storage, we can get lots of advantages over centralize storage. First, it saves our data from data breaches. Coursework Help have search work so their opinion is that On the other hand, other data storage players have to face major data breaches. Secondly, we can also use it for data outages. While storing data on other platforms, you may have to face DDoS attacks. Due to these attacks, you may be deprived of your valuable data. Thirdly, the costs of centralized storage services are also increasing. Here, we can freely store the data. Fourthly, if you will store data on centralized data storage, you can’t own this data. Here, you can own your private data. Moreover, you can also censor and monitor the data completely.


How Does Free Decentralize Storage Work?

If we want to understand the working of free decentralize storage, we have to see the context of the centralized storage space. No doubt, we can use the internet to download and upload files from the data servers. These data servers are also forwarding and receiving the data from multiple servers. Sometimes, there may occur data failure. To meet this critical situation, they have centralized several servers at the central location. By using these servers, we can ideally get access to the data. To ensure the security of the files, they are using data encryption technology. Here, the problem is that these storage places hold encryption keys. It means that they are not providing security to your network.


Free Decentralize Storage


On the other hand, if we use free decentralize storage, it can store the data on various nodes. It means that you can store the files on different computers. It will work like conventional cloud storage. If you require a file, you will have to send a request for this file. It will immediately provide this file. When you will send a request for the file, it will work just like P2P clients. Here, you can easily download the fragments of the files from the participants of networks. As a result, you can easily get access to the complete file. Now, a question may come to your mind that other computers that hold your data may read your files. Its simple answer is ‘Never.


When you will store the data on the free decentralize storage, it will automatically and immediately decrypt the files. After encrypting these files, it will provide the encryption key. Now, you are the only person who has an encryption key. If someone wants to get access to these files, he has to use this encryption key. Therefore, if you will not share this encryption key with him, he can’t get access to your data. To provide an extra layer of security and protection to your files, they are also providing a process of sharding. This thing is showing that a single person doesn’t have the entirety of the files.


Here, you can also get the advantage of free decentralize storage over centralized storage. In centralized storage, you can store the data on the central location. Sometimes, this central location is not near you. As a result, the users have to compete for the bandwidth. In the case of decentralized storage, you can store and retrieve the data from your nearby peers based on your location. Instead of competing for the bandwidth, you can utilize local network bandwidth to get access to the data. This thing will provide a higher transfer speed to the data transfer.


No doubt, free decentralize storage is offering various offers to the users. That’s why several big names in technology have stepped up. First of all, we talk about the IPFS. It is the best protocol that provides information based on its type rather than location. The main focus of the IPFS is one the data storage instead of data distribution. Secondly, we talk about the Storj. Its main design is for the storage scenario. We can easily use it to split and encrypt the files. After that, it can easily distribute the data over various nodes. To provide the decentralize services, it has introduced an open-source platform.


Along with these benefits, free decentralize storage is also facing some hurdles. First, this platform is facing problems relevant to the implementation of the consensus proofs. Its reason is that it has to account for everything from the stability and accounting point of view. Secondly, businesses are not trusting this platform. Its reason is that this platform fails to provide legal accountability in the case of the loss of the files. Thirdly, the technology is developing and it is hard for this platform to mitigate the performance issues. At last, different platforms are offering these kinds of services. It is also hard for it to compete with these platforms.



If you are storing the data on the centralized cloud storage, your data will be hosted on the central cloud. In some cases, this central location is far away from your location. As a result, you may have to face speed issues and you will have to utilize more bandwidth. In the case of free decentralize storage; you can store the data on the decentralized network. It means that you can store the data on the computers of the people near your physical location. As a result, you can easily get access to this data by utilizing your local bandwidth.

Software to Manage the Content

Software to Manage the Content of Your Website

Running and maintaining a website is not easy as it requires constant upgrade and management. Webmasters should take the rise in competition seriously and make sure that the website and its content are up to the part to keep the visitor satisfied and coming back for more. Even if it is just an informative website, it needs to be created and managed the right way to impress the visitors will its quality of content and programming that meet the specifications of the search engines to deliver desired results.

With the help of a web content management system (WCMS), which is a form of content management system (CMS) organizations and webmasters have a chance to manage digital information most conveniently. They have a chance to create, manage and run their website without even having prior knowledge of web programs or a markup language as the software makes it easy for them to do everything with just a few clicks.

According to experts of assignment writing services, it is important to understand that managing the content of your website can have a significant effect on its traffic. At the same time, using the right business applications that produce insights for making decisions and enhance value will help to market the website most efficiently.

How WCMS Work?

A web content management system works by helping users continue, governor, modify, and collect content on a webpage. The web managers can store the content within a database and accumulate the content using flexible language such as XML or .NET. This web content management system can be accessed through a web browser very easily and you can manage the content and oversee the layout from the browser very easily.

The best thing about using a content management system is that even a novice or immature can use them as it does not require any training or technical expertise. All it takes is a little bit of understanding and ability to understand how things work and anyone can use the software to manage the content of the website.

A WCMS Has Two Parts:

The Content Management Application (CMA):

It is a user interface of website that helps the users to design, build, change and dismiss content from the website without need expert assistance. This is mostly used by marketers and content creators who want to do things on their own and avoid wasting time relying on the IT department and other experts.

The Content Delivery Application (CDA):

It regulates the services from the back-end. The content is created by the user or the marketer in the CMA and turns into the website for visitor’s access. An organization can run a web content management system in its data center or the cloud.

How Web Content Management System Can Be Used For Managing Website Content:

Web content management system offers great help to businesses. They can create, manage and publish content on websites that work as their marketing channels. These days digital marketing has taken the front seat and email, social media, print, and other advertisements are the most impactful ways that are used for attracting customers to the company website or media platform.

Thus, it has become very crucial for businesses to maintain a solid and dependable web presence where potential customers can see what they can do for them and how.  A WCMS is a technological marvel that enables webmasters to focus on creating and sharing content such as blogs and portfolios. It benefits businesses by providing tools that provides brand stability over mobile and web channels by working on content and presentation.

With the right software to manage the website content, businesses can enjoy editorial control, systematize their marketing tactics and publish content swiftly and efficiently while enjoying control on what they want to do and how. Listed here are some top software to manage the content of your website. Choose the one that offers the best features to suit your website and business needs:

  • org
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • WooCommerce
  • Wix
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • com

A content management system benefits a website in many ways. Not only it helps to create and manage content at very reasonable costs but it is also easy to use and even people who do not have any technical background can use it for creating and maintaining content without running into complexities. The administrators can control and personalize their workflow and set up each task to work most efficiently.

It is important to choose the right content management system platform as many of them cater to the needs of webmasters. The best CMS platform for your website is one that offers the following:

  • Easy Usage: It makes creation and editing of content easy, preferably with a drag and drop interface to make the process quick and straightforward for content sharing even after publishing
  • Design Options: It should offer plenty of website design templates to easily customize the website according to your business or content needs without requiring any codes
  • Data Portability: It should have lots of tools to easily export the data and move it anywhere for hosting with complete freedom
  • Extensions And Add-Ons: It should come with all the features that cater to all websites
  • Help And Support Options: There should be help and support available in case something goes wrong or you get stuck and need to know more about the platform

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Every CMS provides customer support service with round the clock team but sometimes things move slowly and you might feel frustrated at the lack of response or the time they take to respond. Knowing about the software and joining supportive communities will ensure you get the best help and move forward without wasting time.

These days increasing web traffic is a top priority for businesses. Software for managing website content has solved a lot of problems faced by digital marketers and content created making the process of uploading and writing content simple and fast. With the best web content management systems, CMS tools, and specialized plugins, you can look forward to creating strong and effective content that keeps your website on the front life.