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Free Decentralize Storage – How It Works?

What is Free Decentralize Storage?

When we have to store the data, there come two options in our minds. First of all, we can store the data by using physical media. Anyhow, physical media is providing small file storage. Secondly, we can use centralized cloud storage to store the data. It means that we can store the data on the central cloud that doesn’t belong to us. Anyhow, it is not the safest way to store the data. Now, we can also store the data by using free decentralize storage. By using this method, we can easily store the data on the decentralized network in different locations. By using this decentralized network, we can easily store the data and ensure the accessibility of the data. Instead of a single company, different people have hosted these servers. You can freely join this network and ensure the security of the data by using smart contracts.


Benefits of Storing Data on Free Decentralize Storage

With the advent of free decentralize storage, we can get lots of advantages over centralize storage. First, it saves our data from data breaches. Coursework Help have search work so their opinion is that On the other hand, other data storage players have to face major data breaches. Secondly, we can also use it for data outages. While storing data on other platforms, you may have to face DDoS attacks. Due to these attacks, you may be deprived of your valuable data. Thirdly, the costs of centralized storage services are also increasing. Here, we can freely store the data. Fourthly, if you will store data on centralized data storage, you can’t own this data. Here, you can own your private data. Moreover, you can also censor and monitor the data completely.


How Does Free Decentralize Storage Work?

If we want to understand the working of free decentralize storage, we have to see the context of the centralized storage space. No doubt, we can use the internet to download and upload files from the data servers. These data servers are also forwarding and receiving the data from multiple servers. Sometimes, there may occur data failure. To meet this critical situation, they have centralized several servers at the central location. By using these servers, we can ideally get access to the data. To ensure the security of the files, they are using data encryption technology. Here, the problem is that these storage places hold encryption keys. It means that they are not providing security to your network.


Free Decentralize Storage


On the other hand, if we use free decentralize storage, it can store the data on various nodes. It means that you can store the files on different computers. It will work like conventional cloud storage. If you require a file, you will have to send a request for this file. It will immediately provide this file. When you will send a request for the file, it will work just like P2P clients. Here, you can easily download the fragments of the files from the participants of networks. As a result, you can easily get access to the complete file. Now, a question may come to your mind that other computers that hold your data may read your files. Its simple answer is ‘Never.


When you will store the data on the free decentralize storage, it will automatically and immediately decrypt the files. After encrypting these files, it will provide the encryption key. Now, you are the only person who has an encryption key. If someone wants to get access to these files, he has to use this encryption key. Therefore, if you will not share this encryption key with him, he can’t get access to your data. To provide an extra layer of security and protection to your files, they are also providing a process of sharding. This thing is showing that a single person doesn’t have the entirety of the files.


Here, you can also get the advantage of free decentralize storage over centralized storage. In centralized storage, you can store the data on the central location. Sometimes, this central location is not near you. As a result, the users have to compete for the bandwidth. In the case of decentralized storage, you can store and retrieve the data from your nearby peers based on your location. Instead of competing for the bandwidth, you can utilize local network bandwidth to get access to the data. This thing will provide a higher transfer speed to the data transfer.


No doubt, free decentralize storage is offering various offers to the users. That’s why several big names in technology have stepped up. First of all, we talk about the IPFS. It is the best protocol that provides information based on its type rather than location. The main focus of the IPFS is one the data storage instead of data distribution. Secondly, we talk about the Storj. Its main design is for the storage scenario. We can easily use it to split and encrypt the files. After that, it can easily distribute the data over various nodes. To provide the decentralize services, it has introduced an open-source platform.


Along with these benefits, free decentralize storage is also facing some hurdles. First, this platform is facing problems relevant to the implementation of the consensus proofs. Its reason is that it has to account for everything from the stability and accounting point of view. Secondly, businesses are not trusting this platform. Its reason is that this platform fails to provide legal accountability in the case of the loss of the files. Thirdly, the technology is developing and it is hard for this platform to mitigate the performance issues. At last, different platforms are offering these kinds of services. It is also hard for it to compete with these platforms.



If you are storing the data on the centralized cloud storage, your data will be hosted on the central cloud. In some cases, this central location is far away from your location. As a result, you may have to face speed issues and you will have to utilize more bandwidth. In the case of free decentralize storage; you can store the data on the decentralized network. It means that you can store the data on the computers of the people near your physical location. As a result, you can easily get access to this data by utilizing your local bandwidth.