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Common Types Of Descriptive Essays

An essay is a short piece of writing on a particular subject. There are four main types of essays like descriptive essays, argumentative essays, narrative essays, and persuasive essays. Among these essays, the most common type of essays is known as descriptive essays. In a descriptive essay, a student is asked to describe and summarize his point of views about a particular subject. If you are not able to write a descriptive essay, then you can get help from experts in essay writing services. There are a lot of types of descriptive essays. Some common types of descriptive essays are explained below;

  • Travel Writing

Cropped shot of a group of colleagues having a discussion in a modern office
Cropped shot of a group of colleagues having a discussion in a modern office

As the main purpose of a descriptive essay is to describe your personal experience, therefore, travel writing is one of the most common types of descriptive essays. The best tips for travel writing are to put yourself out there, to make interesting and intriguing notes, to take pictures while traveling, to start strong, to know your story about which you are going to write, to kill all the clichés in the essay, to explain the devil in the detail, to show an impressive discipline, to include inspirational information, and to be realistic.

  • Nature Writing

Nature writing is also an interesting type of descriptive essays. Its reason is that nature provides a world of inspiration for creative thinkers and writers. To write a descriptive essay about nature, you will have to adopt some essential techniques. The possible technique to write a descriptive essay about nature is to avoid the expectations, to be prepared, to personify with awareness, to avoid the effects of human involvement, and to get enough awareness about your message.

  • Biography

A detailed description of someone’s life that is written by another person is known as biography. The biography is also considered as a common type of descriptive essays. Some essential tips to write such a common type of essay are to commence with your name, to share your accomplishments, to use third person voice, to say something personal, to be funny, and to link your writing. In the end, never forget to follow biography writing rules while creating a monument of your biography.

  • Journal Writing

Study Skills 1A journal is a record of daily events and businesses. The most common type of journal writing is the newspapers that are published on the daily basis. As these events are expressed in a descriptive way, then this thing also comes into descriptive essays. Some essential tips that are helpful for the students regarding to the journal writing are to protect your privacy, to commence a journal with the help of an entrance meditation, to provide a date to every entry, to write it quickly, try to describe truth about a particular event, and to write it in a natural way.

There are a lot of topics on which a descriptive essay can be written. You can write a descriptive essay about a dream, a garden, a nightmare, a room, a teacher, a hero, your favourite personality, your favourite movie, your favourite car, and much more.