Future of Project Management

How ICT Has Changed Future of Project Management?

Technology has made a lot of tasks easier in daily life that’s for sure. But how has ICT changed the future of project management? ICT has changed the future of project management in every way. Advancements in software, hardware, and communication technology have altered project management. This trend is expected to continue in the future as well. New technologies have raised the expectations of consumers and senior managers. ICT made project managers achieve more in less time than before. ICT is also expected to transform easier collaboration into accurate reporting. Here is how ICT will change the future of project management;

Improved Ways of Communication

According to most project managers, communication is the primary part of project management. It is not a surprise that technology has changed the ways of communication. The most important use of information technology is ensuring communication among team members. Communication between stakeholders, team members, and managers have been completely altered after the advent of ICT. It is expected that ICT will improve project management in the future. This is because it will ensure such aspects even more through improved communication. A few years ago, the email came into common use by project managers. It took the place of faxes, interoffice memos, voice messages, and other least reliable sources of communication. Future tools of social collaboration will also replace email.

A few decades ago when email first came into common use, project managers made evident use of it. They used it for replacing interoffice memos, faxes, voice messages, and other less-reliable communication means. Project managers will use the latest, and most innovative technologies to share information and documents with their teams.

Efficiency in the Cloud

As a concept, the software of ICT is not new. In the past, solutions to project management were expensive. This is because it required too much labour. Even large organisations were bound to use this software. But now revolutions have taken their place in the industry of project management. For companies of all sizes, software such as that of Clarizen are accessible. These ICTs are expected to become more advanced in the future. This is because they’ll shape the future of project management, and make it more cost-effective. It will make project management easier to use as well. It will also allow for mobile access and enable interoperability in a way that PM solutions can’t match.

Real-Time Reporting

In the past, it took days and sometimes weeks for project managers to update information. It took a lot of time to gather information from the stakeholders too. Extra time was also utilised in updating the project plan correspondingly. Distribution of the news reports, and Gantt charts to members of the team was another hassle. Now thanks to project management based on ICT, you can check the status of a project with ease. In the future, project managers will be able to update project documentation. They will also be able to alert their teams regarding any problems in no time.

Decentralised Project Teams

In the past, the project manager could not deliver information and communication without meeting face to face. Thanks to advancements in ICT, project managers can form project teams.  They can make teams with employees and contractors located in multiple cities, time zones, countries, as well as continents. This will transform the future of project management for the better. You will be able to align between project requirements and available resources as well through the advent of ICT. But most importantly, it reduces the speed at which teams can communicate, and transfer information.

Social Collaboration

These advances due to ICT have not occurred overnight. The use of online collaboration tools will alter the way project managers communicate with their teams. It has already changed the ways of project management, no matter if the project is tech-based or on writing descriptive essays. And it is expected to transform the future of project management even more. Due to ICT, project managers will complete their tasks and communicate in less time as well. Organisations are now adopting ICT, which has made project management both faster, and easier.

We have listed here some of the best tools that you can use for project management;

  • Trello: It comes with a basic free subscription that you can upgrade as per your needs. Trello is the best project management and collaboration tool.
  • ProofHub: It provides a centralised system to share documents and tasks with team members and check the daily progress. It further provides the option to export the workflow as chart.
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ICT will drastically change the future of project management. Its introduction in PM will change the ways of communication, and completion time too.