Argumentative Assignments

5 Steps to Write Argumentative Assignments

When you are working on argumentative assignments, you need more than just an opinion or a thought to make your voice heard and let the readers know what you have to say. Even the strongest and the most valid argument will not make sense or will be compelling enough if it is not structured the right way and reinforced with reasoning and evidence that makes sense. You must be aware of how to write an argumentative assignment and what steps are involved in writing it as your grades depend on how well you impress the audience with the research and supporting evidence.

According to experts of assignment writing services, writing an argumentative assignment requires you to choose a topic and take a position on what you are trying to say. You will have to conduct extensive research on the viewpoint and make sure you have credible selected facts. Also, the information should be reliable. The selection of a topic usually becomes a hard thing for many students because they must convince the readers to support the issue or the position they are taking and this is not easy.

Knowing All About Argumentative Assignments:

It is a type of academic writing which requires you to take stance on a particular issue. To write an excellent argumentative Assignment, you must try to make the readers understand and try to support your point of view of the topic by showcasing reasoning and providing them shreds of evidence that backs up the claims you are making.

Argumentative Assignments are a prevalent thing in high school and college educations for students. They are mostly related to science and technology. This article is a guide for all the students who find writing argumentative Assignments tough and need some assistance to do it right. Discussed here are the top 5 steps that will help you write a top-quality and highly interesting argumentative assignment, just like an expert.

Five Steps For Writing An Argumentative Assignment:

Research And Select Your Side:

You need to conduct research and select the side of the argument of the assignment. You will have to develop ideas and thoughts about the subject and it is important to choose the side that is easy to discuss if you are not so sure about it. It is best to argue about something you do not believe in personally if you are up to the challenge but to do it, you must have all the bases covered and know what you are talking about.

Develop An Outline:

An outline is very essential for any type of writing; no matter how smart you are, you must create an outline and stick to it to know how the assignment and proceeding. For writing an argumentative assignment, you must be logical, consistent, and the argument should be presented consequentially and in a cohesive manner.


It is the beginning part where you grab the readers’ attention by creating excellent hooking lines. Provide reasons why you are so passionate about the topic that is being discussed and what makes it so interesting. Assess the implications and what is at stake in the introduction. Also, explain the other side’s point of view and what is detected so that the readers get an idea of what is coming next. Bring the introduction to an end by writing the thesis statement.

The Body:

This is the main part where all the arguments will be presented along with the evidence. Create separate paragraphs for each independent point to support the thesis statement and they should be arranged in such a manner from the least to the most crucial point with at least one counterargument integrated into between.

It is up to you to determine the order and structure of the assignment as each argumentative assignment is different with individual demands. Make sure to use transition words to add structure to the paragraph flow. The right thing to do in this regard is to begin each paragraph with a topic statement that will help to reinforce the idea that you are discussing. You can also use facts or statistical figures as evidence to prove your points.


It is a follow up of the body or main part of the assignment; it contains a revisit of the matter you have discussed in a general manner and states the position you have chosen to help the readers understand what you have been talking about to help them convince of your thoughts and ideas. It is necessary to understand the significance of argumentative assignments and how they can make an impact on the readers to follow the steps and work on them the right way.